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Diabco System

This is a medical billing system that meets all the needs of the HME's who are in retail or are transforming their business into it.  This program is fully customizable, convenient and secure.

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This highly scalable POS system integrates with legacy systems and carries a service life cycle of up to 7years to help lower total cost of ownership.  Its powerful standards-based platforms enable speedy checkout.

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Elo TouchSystems

The B-Series All-in-One touch computer platform simply provides in a compact design, more flexibility with a choice of configuration and connectivity options, more serviceability with easy access to key component and more processing power.

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Fujitsu TP-X

This new POS terminal is designed to meet the demands of today's retailer at an affordable price, featuring high performance processor Intel, supports advanced Windows and Linux as well as low power consumption.

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Cherry POS Keyboard

This is a multifunctional, compact USB keyword with touchpad.  Designed for POS applications, this fully programmable keyboard has unlimited programmability of all keys in up to three layers for convenient data access.

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These systems are proven to be industry leading solutions for the health care / medical industries.  We have actively researched and found that as of the time of this writing, that these solutions are best of breed options for any medical office.


Best of breed technologies and functionalities are incorporated into Aldelo, enabling the access key features with the touch of a button, along with multilingual user interfaces, gift card management, house account, store credits, reservation and inventory management.

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Comtrex POS

This POS system is one of the most popular among restaurants, bars and hotels.  The software, hardware and tech support packages are available throughout the US, UK and Europe.

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The number 1 POS system provider for pizza delivery businesses, Speedline enables managers to take orders faster with caller ID.  Caller ID screen will also pull up customer's contact information and order history.  This is regarded as the most friendly POS.

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A leading developer of restaurant POS software, Dinerware enables restaurateurs greater control through customer loyalty programs, barcode scanning, menu functions, reporting capabilities.  This is most popular among mid - large sized restaurants.

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Restaurant Manager

With over 20 years in business since 1987, Restaurant Manager has gained a reputation in offering table service, quick service, pizza delivery, nightclubs and bars a robust easy to manage POS system.

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Restaurants are all about turning tables.  With these food service solutions, POS systems for any restauranteur can be viable industry specific solutions custom tailored to almost any operation.


The LaundroMax, an exclusive LaundroMat POS Software, is an excellent tool to use on its own or in combination with CleanMax, focusing on helping store owners maintain a consistent firm control over cash inflows and outflows.

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Cleaner Business Systems

Solutions from CBS have been designed to have a full feature list that is user friendly and easy to maintain with low level of learning required.  Automation such as email confirmation on order pick up is one of the main features that most cleaners are attracted to.

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Winfotinto is a cleaner business software provider that offers software and hardware support to all over the world.

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Textile Management System

TMS is the .net version of the dry cleaner business software with a partnership of the Microsoft platform. This system has been used by over 4,000 drycleaners across the globe.

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In today's fast paced world, consumers and businesses expect to have everything at their fingertips.  Thanks to CSI, an easy to use, fully integrated solutions are available to dry cleaning businesses.

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Celerant Technology

Celerant Technology’s 2011 User Conference was held April 28-29 at the exquisite Millennium Broadway hotel in New York City. This year’s conference included interactive break-out sessions, training sessions, and workshops, all of which reviewed the new features and functionalities that are being made available to the Celerant client base.


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Cash Register Express

You can download a fully working copy of Cash Register Express to see if it is the POS software for you.  This software is used in many retail stores because it is cost effective and easy to use.  You can manage inventory and ring up sales accurately.


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Liquor POS

The sales interface in LiquorPOS is the part of the software that is used most frequently by the most people.  Care has been taken to make it as attractive and intuitive as possible.

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Retail Management System

This is designed for small and mid-sized retailers as a user-friendly cost effective scalable method of single or multiple store operations.  The software features full POS capabilities, inventory management, security option, customer and employee management with leading accounting packages such as Quickbooks.

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The Order Buddy

A service provided by Logic Unlimited - allowing restaurants to post their menus online and take orders online for delivery.  This service is free and currently in beta testing.

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free terminal

Low cost solutions

North American Bancard offers an extremely low cost solution with a low rate and free credit card machines.

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Nurit 8000

The Nurit 8000 offers fast easy transactions for the busy entrepeneur. It's handheld, flexible, lightweight and easy to use. It features an EMF card-reader a touch screen and easy to load printer.

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Optimum T4200

Performance and security are Optimum T4220's designed capabilities. It comes standard with integrated PCI PED approved PIN entry capability as well as HyperSafe®32 architecture for unrivaled IP transaction and download speeds.

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Nurit 2085

A simple to use and feature rich terminal, the Nurit 2085 is very reliable, low cost, includes a thermal printer and accepts multiple merchant accounts through a single terminal.

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Verifone VX-510

VeriFone Vx 510 is a tough, dependable payment terminal that will is one of the most affordable. It will earn it's keep day after day.

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hypercom t7 plus

Hypercom T7 Plus

A POS terminal that supports up to 8 merchants. Ideal for those on a budget with limited counter-top space looking for a low initial investment and dial payment processing. Optional hardware allow for debit and check processing.

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room layout

eZee FrontDesk Hotel Software

An all inclusive solution, eZee is designed to accomodate the needs of the lodging industry from large hotels to small mom and pop motels.

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atlantis touch

Atlantis Touch Manager

The Atlantis Touch Manager with the accompanying hotel management software, offer a a complete solution from booking rooms to reports, and tax returns.

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From HP comes the AP5000, a touch operated POS and computing solution. Browse in internet as well as book rooms with this cutting edge piece of technology.

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Hotel Linx

Hotel Linx handles reservations for hotel and restaurants, check-ins and outs, invoicing, exporting to popular data formats and it even features an add-on mobile module.

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Your payment solution should not slow down your business. It should let you focus on what matters the most: keeping your rooms occupied.

CRS spt-3000

CRS SPT 3000

Powered by an Intel Atom processor this cost effective POS can run a plethora of software. It had a 15" touch screen, can be wall mounted, has excellent cable management and it's easily serviced.

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Optima POS

Optima PMS allows managers to get an excellent overview of all hotel operations. It captures and analyzes vital data for marketing and smart business decision making.

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HK 800-2

This POS system features an efficient intel processor and chipset enabling it to handle the most cutting edge applications at fast speeds.

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squirrel in a box

Squirrel In A Box

Perfect for the do-it-yourselfer, Squirrel In a Box caters to those looking for a lower cost solution.

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Produced by Eason, this aluminum POS is resistant to interference and allows for better cooling, increasing reliability. High specs allow it to run the most recent property management software.

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CAM Pharmacy Point of Sale

CAM Pharmacy Point of Sale software makes store operations an easy and automated task as well as offering integration with leading pharmacy dispensing systems.

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pos abacusrx

Abacus POSRx

Hassle free and complete solutions are always the most efficient and the Abacus POSRx delivers with full integration.

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Paladin POS

Nearly 30 years in the industry is plenty, and the Paladin POS is the culmination of all that knowledge and experience. IIAS Compliant and SGIS Certified.

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Hisense Desktop Kiosk

Give your pharmacy a spacious clean look with the Hisense Desktop Kiosk. It features plenty of I/O ports to support a scanner and additional displays.

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This ultra versatile, all-in-one workstation features powerful hardware in an easy-to-use 17" monitor.

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About CCMP

CCMP (Credit Card Merchant Processors) is a credit cards processing company offering payment processing services to most business types. The credit card process can be made simplified to make processing credit cards easier than ever before. By signing up with CCMP, all merchants receive customer technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one of the largest payment processing leaders in the world. A merchants credit card processing platform is a key to running a streamlined business. Processing credit card transactions on a One Rate Network for Visa, Master and Discover cards. American Express set up is complimentary but may require seperate approval. Restrictions apply and may only be on approved credit.

Swiping risky transactions are a recipe for future problems. A credit card merchants believe is fraudulent, should be reported immediately. A credit card merchant account with CCMP can include possibly the ability to receive a free credit card swiper.

Question of the Week

What equipment should I get for a pet store?

Depending upon the application, many merchants running a 1 - 2 terminal setup usually like the large rolls of paper that the FD50 can handle. If a new business, in most cases, one terminal is sufficient. As business increases the option to scale up will always be available. To some merchants credit cards are vital to the success of the business and therefore the # of terminals is carefully considered.

*Apply now & Redeem $1,500 Web Design Voucher (Offer Restrictions): Minimum of three (3) year merchant account terms and account approval required for web design voucher validation. The voucher has no cash value and can only be redeemed with CCMP web design affiliate ADVANTAGE MEDIA (Princeton NJ). The value of Web Design Voucher is good through 6 (six) months from date of merchant account approval. No transfers. Web Design Voucher can be redeemed towards any web design products and services. Now you can build your business while processing credit cards.