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Which POS Terminal is best for you?

There are many brands of POS terminals currently available. Prices range from low end models starting around $200 to high end models up to $1200 new. Popular companies include HP, Panasonic, IBM, NEC, Micros, Alohoa, Verifone and Hypercom. Most importantly, you should make sure that the POS terminal accommodates your work environment and the needs of you and your employees. Are you in the restaurant industry and want a touch screen interface hat allows for ease of use? Or are you a deliveryman that wants a Wireless Point of Sale terminal (WPOS) that provides convenient payment options at the customers’ own home. Contact us about your business and we will provide you information about POS terminals that match your exact specifications and needs.



Renting vs. owning...

Renting a POS terminal allows the customer a quicker start up time and greater ease of use. To rent a POS terminal, the merchant must go through an acquirer, a member of a card association such as Visa or American Express, who are in charge of transactions and business relations with the merchant. The Acquirer is responsible for keeping their POS terminal up-to-date with PCI (Payment Card Industry) and government agency regulations. If an Acquirer does not keep their POS terminals updated, fines can be levied against them. Compliance with Federal and cardbrand guidelines prevents rented equipment from falling out of date and becoming noncompliant unlike equipment owned by the merchant where the responsibility for maintaining federally and cardbrand mandated standards falls on the owner.




Establishing and maintaining trust with your client is paramount to successful business. According to the Unisys Business Index, “Credit and debit card fraud is the No. 1 fear of Americans in the midst of the global financial crisis.” When purchasing a POS terminal, the merchant should ensure that their terminal is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant as set forth by the founders of the PCI Security Standards Council. Requirements of PCI enabled equipment include secure networks, built-in firewall configurations, anti-virus software, encrypted transmission of cardholder data, regular testing of cardholder data and networks, and limited access to cardholder data on a need-to-know basis. Protecting your customers from fraud will solidify your company’s reputation and will help your company to prosper for years to come.


About CCMP

CCMP (Credit Card Merchant Processors) is a credit cards processing company offering payment processing services to most business types. The credit card process can be made simplified to make processing credit cards easier than ever before. By signing up with CCMP, all merchants receive customer technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one of the largest payment processing leaders in the world. A merchants credit card processing platform is a key to running a streamlined business. Processing credit card transactions on a One Rate Network for Visa, Master and Discover cards. American Express set up is complimentary but may require seperate approval. Restrictions apply and may only be on approved credit.

Swiping risky transactions are a recipe for future problems. A credit card merchants believe is fraudulent, should be reported immediately. A credit card merchant account with CCMP can include possibly the ability to receive a free credit card swiper.

Question of the Week

What equipment should I get for a pet store?

Depending upon the application, many merchants running a 1 - 2 terminal setup usually like the large rolls of paper that the FD50 can handle. If a new business, in most cases, one terminal is sufficient. As business increases the option to scale up will always be available. To some merchants credit cards are vital to the success of the business and therefore the # of terminals is carefully considered.

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