Features Of A Retail POS terminal

The first question that you are probably asking yourself is what features should I be looking for in retail Point Of Sale terminal? Typically, a Point of Sale terminal will come stock with a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display and a barcode scanner and a debit/credit card reader. Common optional features include a pinpad device, weight scale integrated credit card processing system and a signature capture device. Cramped for space? Consider an all-in-one POS terminal with the computer built to the monitor. Want a convenient user interface? A POS terminal with touch-screen technology might be exactly what you are looking for. Feel free to contact us to further discuss the features that you want from a POS terminal.




The main industry that uses POS terminals is the retail business. POS terminals offer great versatility to the merchant. Uses of POS terminals include processing sales transactions, returns, exchanges, buy one get one free programs, gift cards, layaways, frequent customer programs, and functions such as inventory control and transferring product to and from different locations. POS software can be equipped to handle foreign currency, manufacturer coupons, promotional sales and multiple forms of payment. Whether you are a small business owner or the manager of a large franchise, there are POS terminals that are able to handle your retail needs. Please contact us so that we can determine what POS terminal would be the best match for you and your business.




Shrinkage, or the loss of product between manufacturer and the point of sale, is one of the major reasons for loss of revenue for a business owner. And loss at the POS terminal is one of the major contributors to shrinkage. How do we combat this problem? Old methods were to record employees with surveillance cameras or have staff monitor the POS terminal. However, with current technology, POS terminals can monitor and deliver automatic updates for possible fraudulent activity known as POS Exceptions. The POS terminal can inform the manager about unauthorized discounts, no-sales, fraudulent returns and manually manipulating prices. The POS terminal can sort the information by employee, refunds, terminals and other criteria to further help the merchant locate the source of shrinkage. Do not let more money slip out of your pockets. Talk with us about POS terminals and how they can prevent shrinkage for your business.


About CCMP

CCMP (Credit Card Merchant Processors) is a credit cards processing company offering payment processing services to most business types. The credit card process can be made simplified to make processing credit cards easier than ever before. By signing up with CCMP, all merchants receive customer technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with one of the largest payment processing leaders in the world. A merchants credit card processing platform is a key to running a streamlined business. Processing credit card transactions on a One Rate Network for Visa, Master and Discover cards. American Express set up is complimentary but may require seperate approval. Restrictions apply and may only be on approved credit.

Swiping risky transactions are a recipe for future problems. A credit card merchants believe is fraudulent, should be reported immediately. A credit card merchant account with CCMP can include possibly the ability to receive a free credit card swiper.

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Depending upon the application, many merchants running a 1 - 2 terminal setup usually like the large rolls of paper that the FD50 can handle. If a new business, in most cases, one terminal is sufficient. As business increases the option to scale up will always be available. To some merchants credit cards are vital to the success of the business and therefore the # of terminals is carefully considered.

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